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Medical Oxygen Generator Project (Kazakhstan)


CAN GAS provided a integrated small box medical oxygen system(3Nm³/h@93%) for a hospital in Kazakhstan.

This oxygen system adopts the latest technology. It is not only small in size, easy to install and maintain, but also has high oxygen production efficiency and can continue to ensure the normal supply of medical oxygen. The system is easy to expand and upgrade. It can respond quickly when oxygen consumption increases in the hospital and is modular assembled to minimize installation time.

For this project, CAN GAS was responsible for the complete set of equipment supply, installation guidance, and training , and provided detailed operational training to hospital staff to ensure that they could operate and maintain the system proficiently.

In fact, obtaining a stable supply of oxygen has always been a challenge in some remote areas or resource-poor medical facilities around the world. CAN GAS hopes to improve this oxygen supply dilemma through small box-type oxygen generation system products and provide patients with better medical security.

Medical Oxygen Generator Project (Kazakhstan)

Medical Oxygen Generator Project (Kazakhstan)

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