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Medical Gas Engineering of Honghui Hospital


Medical Gas Engineering of Honghui Hospital
Medical Gas Engineering of Honghui Hospital
Medical Gas Engineering of Honghui Hospital
Medical Gas Engineering of Honghui Hospital

Overall Development and Construction Planning of Honghui Hospital

On April 21, the North Campus of the High-speed Railway New City of Honghui Hospital was officially put into use. The total construction area of the project is 680,000 square meters. The design concept of "H cube" is adopted, which has symmetrical design,broad and comfortable, implying that the "Western Orthopedics Aircraft Carrier" sets sail.

Through the functional layout of "southern medicine and northern research", the integration of "medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, and rehabilitation" is realized. There are outpatient department, emergency first aid center, inpatient department, medical technology department, administrative center, conference center, etc., which can provide 3000 sickbeds, the outpatient hall is open and bright, with integrated design and humanized service to create a comfortable medical environment. Design sunken courtyards, inner courtyards, and sunshine corridors to create a natural healing environment.

As one hospital with the largest scale and the most investment among the thirteen key projects in Xi'an's health field, it will provide strong support for the development of Xi'an's "North Span" and the construction of "Healthy China".

After several rounds of screening, the medical gas engineering and supporting services of the Honghui Hospital were entrusted to CAN GAS to be responsible for the entire process of High-speed Railway New City Campus project,  including project planning and construction.

Medical gas engineering design and construction

The project is mainly for the comprehensive buildings such as hospital comprehensive buildings and infection buildings. The entire medical gas project includes medical center oxygen supply system, medical center suction system, medical air system, instrument air system, medical carbon dioxide gas system, and medical nitrous oxide gas system, dental air system, dental vacuum system, Waste anesthetic gases disposal system. A total of nine medical gas source stations have been built and put into use, more than 20 sets of gas source units are in operation, and a complete set of medical gas monitoring and alarm system has been configured and installed.

1. Medical center suction system

It is used for the central suction of the hospital and consists of a central suction station, pipelines, valves and terminals. The negative pressure source of the suction system is the vacuum pump unit of the central suction station. Through the suction of the vacuum pump unit, the pipeline of the suction system reaches the required negative pressure value, and suction is generated at the terminals of the operating room, rescue room, treatment room and each ward to provide medical use.

Vacuum unit configuration for comprehensive building and infection building: oil-type rotary vane vacuum pump, vacuum tank, sewage tank, vacuum check valve, vacuum solenoid valve, sterilization filter, disinfection and sterilization device, control system, and pipeline system.

The vacuum unit adopts an oil-type rotary vane vacuum pump, which is equipped with an imported Busch brand vacuum pump from Germany, to ensure the reliability of the system operation. The system realizes fully automatic control. The two commonly used units can automatically adjust the working status and working mode of the units according to the processing gas capacity requirements and hospital management requirements, and automatically switch and start operation, which can be unattended. The system sets the automatic alarm function.

Dental vacuum unit configuration: dental electric suction vacuum pump, pipeline system

2. Medical air system

The medical air system is an overall combination of air compressors, air purification equipment and functional components that provide sufficient and clean air for medical equipment that requires air sources.

Medical air system and instrument air system include air compressors, air buffer tanks, refrigeration dryers, desiccant air dryers, high-precision air filters, air storage tanks, and smart  control systems.

The air compressor adopts Atlas Copco brand to ensure the reliability of the system operation. The combined configuration of the refrigeration dryers and desiccant air dryers can more "thoroughly" remove the moisture in the air. Configuration of the 7-stage high-precision filter fully guarantees the excellent air quality.

The control system adopts a separate control cabinet with touch screen display control and fully automatic intelligent control. Two commonly used units can automatically adjust the working status and working mode according to the processing gas capacity demand and hospital management requirements, and automatically switch and start operation, which can be unattended . The system sets the automatic alarm function.

Dental air unit configuration: dental electric oil-free air compressor, pipeline system

3. Waste anesthetic gases disposal system

The special negative pressure anesthesia gas discharge system for the operating room is an independent system separate from medical suction system of the hospital, and is only used to collect anesthesia exhaust gas in the operating room. This system consists of gas terminal, negative pressure pipeline, filter, pressure control valve, vacuum pump, exhaust pipeline and electrical control cabinet.

4. Medical gas pipeline and supply terminal facility system

System configuration of medical gas supply terminal facilities: medical gas pipeline, oxygen flow meter, air flow meter, secondary decompression box, gas pressure alarm device, equipment belt, gas terminal and other accessories.

All medical gas pipes should be made of seamless copper pipes or seamless stainless steel pipes, and should be strictly degreased.

The equipment belt is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, with a three-chamber design, and the strong current, weak current, and medical gas pipelines are effectively separated.

The gas terminal adopts the national standard color for gas identification. It can be automatically sealed when there is no plug, and it is equipped with a dust-proof cover.

5. Medical gas system monitoring and alarm

The medical gas system monitoring and alarm system device includes local gas source monitoring and alarm, regional monitoring and alarm and remote monitoring and alarm. The alarm methods include digital indication alarm, sound alarm and visual alarm.

The medical gas system is equipped with a centralized monitoring and alarm system. The centralized monitoring and alarm can display and monitor the operation status of each equipment in real time, and can display and monitor technical indicators such as flow, concentration, pressure, and dew point of stored gas in real time.

6. CAN GAS medical gas system

Medical gas system plays an important role in modern medical care. Professional medical gas projects should have more detailed and specific requirements on the quality and stability of medical gas. Only by achieving high-quality medical gas supply and perfect gas management services can medical institutions improve medical quality and ensure the safety and health of patients. CAN GAS has been deeply involved in the medical gas system for many years, insisting on quality first, continuous innovation for more trustworthy users.

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