Medical Center Suction System

Medical Center Suction System
Medical Center Suction System

Medical Center Suction System


The CanGas® Medical Center Suction (Vacuum) System is composed of vacuum pump, vacuum tank, collecting tank, check valve, vacuum solenoid valve, sterile filter, vacuum sterilization device and intelligent control system. The vacuum pump can be liquid ring vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pump or claw vacuum pump.

Key Features

● Dental vacuum unit is available too from CAN GAS

● With a complete product system and solutions, CanGas® medical center suction (vacuum) system meet the demand of medical central center suction (vacuum) system in various levels of medical and health institutions

● Adopts intelligent control, automatic operation, 7*24 unattended

Each Project is Custom-Built!


At CAN GAS, we listen to your demands and design the best possible solution for you. You can get the full line from air compressor to high quality cylinders – whatever your need may be.

We design your specific solution based on application, capacity, purity, pressure, classification requirements, ambient conditions, and height above sea level.



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