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What does medical oxygen generator use to produce oxygen?

Mar. 29, 2024


Medical oxygen is a gas commonly used in medical facilities. In terms of properties, it is a drug. It is clearly stipulated in the National Pharmacopoeia that the purity of medical oxygen should be above 99.5%. What should be used to produce oxygen with such high purity and pharmaceutical properties?

First, let’s take a look at the current mainstream oxygen production methods, which are cryogenic method, pressure swing adsorption method, electrolytic oxygen production method and membrane separation oxygen production method. Except for electrolysis method, which decomposes oxygen from water, the other three methods are It separates oxygen from the air. You heard it right, to achieve such high purity of medical oxygen and to be able to continuously supply it, it can be achieved by using air.

 What is used here is a gas separation method, which can separate and enrich the oxygen in the air to form finished oxygen that meets the demand. Taking the more common pressure swing adsorption method as an example, its corresponding production equipment is the PSA oxygen production host, which is a medical oxygen equipment that can be produced at normal temperatures and pressures with the help of adsorbents such as zeolite molecular sieves. It is a physical means of oxygen production and has almost no pollution to the environment. It is very suitable for small and medium-sized medical oxygen needs, and is economical, stable and very reliable.

What does medical oxygen generator use to produce oxygen?

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