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Tips for storing molecular sieves in oxygen generator

Jul. 04, 2024


Molecular sieves, the core component of PSA oxygen generators, are porous materials that can screen substances at the molecular level. Although it can be used to physically separate oxygen and nitrogen in the air, its disadvantage is that it is susceptible to moisture and directly affects the quality of the output gas after being damp. Therefore, when storing molecular sieves, be sure to pay attention to the following issues.


1. Keep the environment dry; it should be placed in a dry place when stored, and try not to contact it directly with the air. If it is stored for a long time and moisture absorption occurs, the molecular sieve needs to be regenerated before use.


2. Avoid oil and liquid water; molecular sieves have many small holes, and oil will block these holes. Therefore, for gases containing oil, oil and gas, oil and water should be separated first, and then the molecular sieve tower should be used. When water encounters the molecular sieve, it will release heat. If there is more liquid water in direct contact with the zeolite, a large amount of heat will be released. This will cause safety hazards or damage the performance of the molecular sieve.


3. When regenerating the molecular sieve, the internal pressure of the molecular sieve tower should be slowly reduced, because excessive pressure will cause the molecular sieve to break and pulverize. The second is the regeneration temperature; although the higher the temperature, the safer the regeneration, but the higher the better, it is recommended to control the temperature between 200-350℃; if it exceeds 600℃, the activity of the molecular sieve will decrease, which is a damage to the molecular sieve.


The above content is a few points that need to be paid attention to when storing molecular sieves.

In view of the fluctuation of the molecular sieve market price, if the nitrogen/oxygen generator manufacturer can purchase it at a suitable price and store it well for a long time, it will bring good and stable economic benefits to the enterprise.

Tips for storing molecular sieves in oxygen generator

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