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PSA Oxygen Generation System Precautions – Oxygen cylinder filling

May. 17, 2024


CanGas® PSA oxygen generation system CFS series oxygen generation equipment can not only meet the requirements of on-site oxygen production, but also has oxygen filling function.

When operating oxygen bottling, the operation must be standardized, because improper operation may bring danger to personnel or the factory area. Therefore, oxygen cylinder filling personnel must keep the following precautions in mind to ensure safe operation.

Things to note when filling oxygen bottles

1. Operators should avoid getting oil on their hands, labor protection supplies, and tools. It is forbidden to come into contact with oxygen bottles and oxygenation valves when stained with grease.

2. Open and close the valve slowly, and open or close it fully at one time to avoid generating energy.

3. When empty bottles are loaded on the platform for pressure equalization, if there is strong air flow sound, stop immediately and remove the cylinder for inspection.

4. Check the temperature of the gas cylinder during the filling process. If abnormal temperature is found, stop filling and remove it for inspection.

5. The gas cylinder must be protected by an anti-falling chain.

6. When filling the bottle, if air leakage is found, the power supply should be cut off first, and maintenance under pressure is not allowed.

7. When the inflation pressure is greater than 10MPa, it is strictly prohibited to refill empty bottles midway, and no one is allowed to enter the filling room.

8. Gas cylinders must be filled with error-proof joints to prevent other gas cylinders other than oxygen from being filled with oxygen.

9. When transporting gas cylinders, safety helmets and anti-shock rings should be installed; they should be loaded and unloaded lightly, and throwing, throwing, rolling, and bumping are strictly prohibited.

10. The filling site should have obvious fire prevention signs, and fireworks are strictly prohibited.

11. The filled gas cylinders should be affixed with warning labels and filling labels that comply with national standards.

12. If a gas cylinder catches fire during filling, the main air source should be cut off immediately, the filling branch valve should be closed, and corresponding fire-extinguishing measures should be taken.

PSA Oxygen Generation System Precautions – Oxygen cylinder filling

PSA Oxygen Generation System Precautions – Oxygen cylinder filling

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