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How to deal with a fire in the oxygen generator room

May. 31, 2024


Although the oxygen generator room has strict measures and regulations for fire prevention and control, there are also some ways to deal with fire.

For mechanical equipment, there are two main factors for fire, one is oil fire and the other is electrical equipment fire. When a fire occurs, you must first remain calm, identify the object of the fire, correctly select fire extinguishing equipment (such as fire extinguishers, sand, water or nitrogen, etc.) and use the fire extinguishing equipment correctly. Otherwise, it will cause additional personal or financial losses. Specifically, it is divided into the following situations for handling;

1. When a liquid or oil with a density lower than water and insoluble in water is on fire, do not use water to extinguish the fire. It should be extinguished with sand, steam or foam fire extinguishers, or it should be extinguished by cutting off the air. Because using water will expand the area of fire.

2. When electrical equipment is on fire, do not use foam fire extinguishers or water, but carbon tetrachloride fire extinguishers. Because water and foam are both conductive, it is likely to cause electric shock to firefighters. When the wires are on fire, the power supply should be cut off first, and then sand should be used to extinguish the fire.

3. When a solid is on fire, sand or water can be used to extinguish it.

4. When the oxygen pipeline is on fire, don't panic first, and cut off the gas source of the oxygen pipeline as soon as possible.

5. If the clothes you are wearing are on fire, don't hit them. You should wrap your body with a fire blanket and roll back and forth on the ground.

6. If the fire occurs near the oxygen container or production equipment, use water to keep the container cool to prevent it from exploding due to heat and rapidly promoting the fire, and quickly cut off the gas source, and spray water to protect the personnel who cut off the gas source.

If conditions permit, you can also prepare nitrogen cylinders or set up nitrogen pipelines in some key fire-proof parts of the oxygen generator room for fire extinguishing. As the saying goes, safety promotes production, and production must be safe; without safety, there can be no production, and safety is the prerequisite for all production activities.

How to deal with a fire in the oxygen generator room

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